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Wire Faces

Wire Faces

Happy Wire Faces Photos BS
Happy Wire Faces
Sad Wire Faces Photos BS
Sad Wire Faces

Some new photos

Here some new photos I have been working on. The new set of wire faces!

The photos started off just like a normal wire fence! I was out for a walk in the woods. There was part of the wood that had been cleared of the trees. This section of woodland has just been replanted. To keep the deer out they have put up a new six feet wire fence!

As I walking past I like the top part of the fence (I thing as shiny) I just love the Blue sky behind it! So I started shooting it! Anything shiny a distraction for me! I thing I should be shooting dead tree branches or Red Kites!


When I started editing the photos I had no idea what I was going to do with them! It was time to start playing about with them to see what I can come up with? Funny sometimes you do something and say yes that works! In this case, I think it was when I made the spiky circles! That stared forming the structure of one the wire faces. From then on it was just a case putting more features in the faces. To do this was just the case of bending the wire to suit what I feel the look or the mood of the face either happy, sad!


The trio was the next part was to put them in a stet. I had don three sets of three. But looking at them again I thought to be better just with the two set in the end. I may do some single version of the wire face bit later on! More cartoon style I think will be best? I may add a body to them as well?

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