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Web Site Up To Date

That the web site up to date

That the web site up to date as well as have been doing a mixture of photography shoots some modeling and a lot more news events! But I was in London on Saturday at Calumet in London to a photography business seminar by the beauty and fashion photographer Rossella Vanon.

A good seminar

This was  A good seminar (But there was no milk for tea! Not good)! One of the things I learned was I not adding any updates or any content to this website so new rules are arranged, shoot, process, and post! Zzzzzzzzzzz so wakes up call!!

Sorting the site out today

So been sorting the site out today and will be adding some new images very soon! This must be an ongoing job and try to get into the routine of doing it!

There is also the problem of keeping up with what Google requires from you for the best SEO for your website too! This is never easy if you are doing it yourself! Or if you are like me and don’t like writing loads or have dyslexia (I did look this up) so it never easy for me to write a post some times!

The End

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