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Up and then Down

Up and then down
Up and then down

I had a busy few days with some up and then down and now up again!

Over the weekend

Over the weekend I have been very busy editing photos for this weekend Craft Market in West Wycombe!

So happy I have some new work of the Red Kite carrying some sticks!

I had a bad Monday

On Monday I had a bad time in the evening I was asked to do a talk at my camera club about my workflow!

I did not get it ready read but I was trying my best to get it something don, which I did!

But somehow at the club, I managed to bust the hinge on it it was not very well after that so I had to give up! I was very disappointed to let the club down, as well as very Red-faced! As they say, the show must go on! I hope I can get my laptop repaired OK?


Today I have been to the Photo Show at the NEC I had a good day up there!

But I had some fun trying to work the train app to get my E-ticket, I got it to work on the way thou!

The first thing I when to see was Glyn Dewis talk on How to colour grade your pictures! This was great as I picked up a tip I must try out when burning in Photoshop! Thanks, Glyn! I did see part of Glyn talk later ion about lighting which was very good!

Did a bit of shopping

I did a bit of shopping when I was there I got my self an A1 Rotarian and had a laugh with the young lady on that stand!

Later on, I when to the Hahnemuhle stand I brought some A4 and A3+ Everyday printing paper, which should be good to try out very soon! I have to get the profiles for it! I keep you posted on how I get on with the new paper!


One of the new pieces of artwork for the craft market above!

Not very well laptop!


New printing paper to try out!

West Wycombe Craft Market