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Two trophies

I had Goodyear at my camera club by winning two trophies competitions in 2018!

Award for action

The first trophy was for the award for action photography in prints the title of the print was Pancake Race in October 2018. This was A Black and White print taken in London in a fun competition between MP and celebrities!

Lot of work

I had to do a lot of work on this print! Why I did a black and white print was to cut down the distraction in the background, as shot in the centre of London with a busy road in the background! So I darken down the background as much I could to make the man running standout more!

in October 2018! This is the second time I have won this cup!

People photography

The second trophy was an award for People photography in prints, the title of this print was Not Bothered September 2018. This was A Black and White print taken in London in a demonstration outside Downing Street!

To keep the image simple as the sign behind the boy were bright coloured I turned the image to back and white again.

Overall this was great

Overall this was great as I was doing very well in other subjects! But not always the winning it the taking part and you can’t be good at everything at the end of the day! As the club have a different subject like landscapes, and natural history I may not be so good at!

I do enjoy going out to photographing people whatever there up too! But if I had my way I will be shooting fashion style shoots more at that my real talent! That were I need to work at more.

The Trophies

Pancake Race by Brian Southam
Pancake Race by Brian Southam
Cup from camera club
Awarded for Action
Not Bothered by Brian Southam
Not Bothered by Brian Southam