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Totally New style

Been working very

I have been working very hard on my editing, which I normally don’t like as so boring! But I enjoy doing this new style I am doing and go to stick in big time!

Another post

As you may see from another post I have been to a local craft market showing some new images.

Bit inspired

So ben a bit inspired I set about doing a few more, and what I did was show a friend of mine some test prints I had don! So from the chat, we had talked about and taking on board something we had discussed I started back to the drawing board and thought how am I going to do this? Him!!!

Over the top

Ok I know I like to go over the top with the editing and why not! So as I just finished some images for an abstract competition at my camera club I started looking at what I had don I revisited them and started trying to refine what I had don, the first thing was getting the colour right that I like?

New layer

I try popping a new layer in photoshop with the colour to see if that worked but it looked a bit flat! So try another way! So off I go again it was that hard in the end! So I printed up a load more test prints and then to show my friend again which she loved!

Doing loads more

So I started doing loads more then I thought I make a set up so I was though I do 48 images for it! I was running out of images to work on so I planned a trip out to do some more!

This when well

This when well for me and got load new images to work on! Better to have more than less! So then the fun bit is which ones to drop! Finally, I managed to do it I had only to drop 12 photos so it was that hard!


It When Well

West Wycombe Craft Market