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The Photography Show 2019

Photography Show 2019

I just booked my ticket for next year to the Photography Show 2019 in Birmingham NEC! Next stage sorts out what I like to go and see??

Lucky the photography show sends out a small list of what going on them you can also look upon like to see what talks and exhibitors who are going to be there. As normal there lost of talks and display going on, it can be a bit of a minefield, as something clash I may what to see!

So I get a book out and write down what I like to see at the show and the times a location as the NEC big!

How I get there

The next part is how will I get there! I have been trained up to Birmingham as the not bad trip! It is a fun day out I sure, a lot new bit kit to look at! Also, see what deals are about! Very tempting to get the new kit but I feel I better look only!  Or I better just go to talks as that be cheaper and t no temptation then!

Also, a good time to chat up with friends and have a talk!

Busy Week
The Photography Show