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The Need for Speed

The Need For Speed New RAM

The Need for Speed!

You often hear photographers talking about there workflow, in there photography from how they go about setting up the post-production to the shoots them selfs to the processing in  Lightroom and Photoshop to the end-use of the images and time money so the need for speed in this is important!


Also part of this is the set up is the PC or Mac they use to do the importing of the images to the editing of the images and the final output of the image! I use  PC as Mac at the time were too much money, nowadays it does really matter as PC are just as good as Mac, (i feel) as are more set up for graphics so that why some photographers use them, as they use widely in the print trade!

Over the year technology as improved greatly and PC and Mac are soon much faster, than they use to be, which help greatly in the processing of images.  There is nothing more frustrating when the PC or Mac is struggling to do something, as the files are too big for it to handle! The images we take with ower digital cameras have also improved from the early days of digital photography when most photographers were shooting on film and slow-changing over to using digital DSL cameras!


My first Canon digital camera was about 3 megapixels, now I am using a 30 megapixel Canon! This is great but it does, have drawbacks, Cannon change the file format so you need new software to process the images, then the file size are much bigger which is good if you what to print big images or you doing sports photographer and need to crop!

The Upgrade

So now you got such large file sizes you need a PC or Mac to handle them! And if you’re like me who loves to play with there images and make the files ever bigger still (the last set have been four-times bigger)  you may fine thing slowing down a bit! What I was finding that my PC was doing the processing well, then when I came to save them as TIFF or a PDS that when it slowed up a Lot! SOS was sent to my computer suppler, they advised me to put more RAM into the PC as a simple upgrade, from 16 GB that I had in my PC with Two 16 GB sticks of RAM so iI was up to 48 GB of RAM!

That was a great improvement, but still a bit slow! Rethink so get the PC motherboard book out to see what I can do with it! Luck for my It a newish board (most probably out of date now! LOL) So I can put a second M2 SSD in it great as I feel that this could be the bottleneck as the SSD I have is only about 550 MB read and 520 MB  write speed! So with the new M2 SSD, I hoping for about  34000 MB read and 2500 MB  write speed supper fast! Then I got another Two 16 GB sticks of RAM which should help too!

So now I have them I just got to fit them and hopefully get it working OK?

Here a link to my PC supplier they offer a great services  RL Supplies

Or here another supplier  I may use.