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The Photography Show 2019

Up and then down

Up and then Down

Up and then down

I had a busy few days with some up and then down and now up again!

Over the weekend

Over the weekend I have been very busy editing photos for this weekend Craft Market in West Wycombe!

So happy I have some new work of the Red Kite carrying some sticks!Read More »Up and then Down

Busy week Snowdrop studio

Busy Week

Busy week

Boy, it’s been a busy week so far!

Yesterday I got my badge for the Photography Show in Birmingham NEC that coming up soon! Looking forward to going to it! So I will be sorting out what talks and what I like to look at the show this year?

I do also need to sort out transport to Birmingham too? I think I may only go up for one day this year and not go to any of the talks I been doing over the last few years too! Going for something different!Read More »Busy Week