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The Need For Speed New RAM

The Need for Speed

The Need for Speed! You often hear photographers talking about there workflow, in there photography from how they go about setting up the post-production to the shoots them selfs to the processing in  Lightroom and Photoshop to the end-use of… Read More »The Need for Speed

Totally New style

Been working very I have been working very hard on my editing, which I normally don’t like as so boring! But I enjoy doing this new style I am doing and go to stick in big time! Another post As… Read More »Totally New style

Up and then down

Up and then Down

Up and then down

I had a busy few days with some up and then down and now up again!

Over the weekend

Over the weekend I have been very busy editing photos for this weekend Craft Market in West Wycombe!

So happy I have some new work of the Red Kite carrying some sticks!Read More »Up and then Down

Red Kites no 1 by Brian Southam

Red Kites

Red kites

I was going out for a walk yesterday afternoon! I thought it was not a bad day a bit windy but it was OK! I had planned no-shoot some more stock images of the Red Kites! OK, this is not the normal landscape photography, but this part of the landscape well sky in this case!Read More »Red Kites