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My New Images

My New Images

So from now on, all my new images on social media will not be any of my photography at all! This is not a rant but my thoughts on social media, of why I don’t do a lot of it!… Read More »My New Images

Red Kites no 1 by Brian Southam

Red Kites

Red kites

I was going out for a walk yesterday afternoon! I thought it was not a bad day a bit windy but it was OK! I had planned no-shoot some more stock images of the Red Kites! OK, this is not the normal landscape photography, but this part of the landscape well sky in this case!Read More »Red Kites

West Wycombe Craft market

Booked UP

Booked up

I have booked up my first Craft Market for 2019! It on the 24th March 2019, In West Wycombe village, the weekend before Morthinging Sunday!Read More »Booked UP