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Craft Market

Up and then down

Up and then Down

Up and then down

I had a busy few days with some up and then down and now up again!

Over the weekend

Over the weekend I have been very busy editing photos for this weekend Craft Market in West Wycombe!

So happy I have some new work of the Red Kite carrying some sticks!Read More »Up and then Down

West Wycombe Craft market

Booked UP

Booked up

I have booked up my first Craft Market for 2019! It on the 24th March 2019, In West Wycombe village, the weekend before Morthinging Sunday!Read More »Booked UP

New Work


New work

Well, I have the Craft Market coming up this weekend and I feel I need to do some new work for it! It is important to put new work out there to keep it looking fresh and not dated. It can be very easy to fall into this trap! Read More »New Work