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Sunday Walks

Walk on Sunday the dog
Sunday walks

I was filling inspired this morning! So when I was going out on a Sunday walks with the dog, I got my camera out with a big-ish lens and set off! The weather was not good it was dull and wet this morning but that did not put me off! This will never put the dog off from his walk! LOL, I was on a mission it good to be on a mission or have a plane for something to shoot!

Stock images

I was looking to shoot some stock images of the Red kites have flying around here! I was doing OK not a great lover of shooting wildlife they’re never easy to shoot!  I was doing OK I did get some, I am not looking for anything at all that was great or outstanding but just something to use if I what it to an image I was working on?

Got the camera out again

Well that when OK, so when it stopped raining again about lunchtime I got the camera out again to shoot my neighbors’ wall it got a small crack in it! Great for textures! Number 2 shot in the bag! Doing well!

So the afternoon walk was looking good Blue skies! Cool! But I thought it may wast of time as no Red kites were about! But lucky they did fly passed for me! Which is never easy as you never know when there going to fly over at all? Some tins you may be lucky hand hear them cry out first so you do have a bit of a head-up!

I have done two prints

To finish off today I have also done two prints for my camera club competition for tomorrow night!

So overall a good day!


Walk on Sunday my camera

Walk on Sunday the filed

Red Kites