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Vol 1 London


I have been hard at work uploading my images to Saatchi over the last few days. Form my new sat of images Vol 1 London. So far I have uploaded eight images to Sacctchi I still have some more to do!

I will contue to load more images over the next few weeks!

Been overdue

This has been overdue on getting my artwork on their website. It was on the todo list early in the year!

Itis getting into the habit of getting the workflow complete form the idea I come up with though to the shooting and editing and then marketing the photos. This sounds simple, does it? Sadly with all the best intentions in the world, things get in the way that slows me up!

Ok, I more likely have been out shooting some images them come up with the idea of how I going to use them later on! This can be some time from months or years!

I hope to be a bit more on the ball with the ideas of what a project will like to shoot first!

Now I am trying to be more focused on ideas and the shooting and now know the style this should be a lot easier! The hard part is to then do the marketing of the artwork! That entails may sure upload to my website and on to another website like Saatchi, then I also look out for other art exhibitions to attend too!

Hopefully, I do not get distracted, with other work that can take up a lot of my time and put me behind the photography work!

Being in the right mood

Being in the right mood, to be creative is very important! If I am tired will not help the best way to be well-rested so I can be creative.

Having some inspiration for the project is a great help too.