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Red Kites

Red Kites no 1 by Brian Southam
Red kites

I was going out for a walk yesterday afternoon! I thought it was not a bad day a bit windy but it was OK! I had planned no-shoot some more stock images of the Red Kites! OK, this is not the normal landscape photography, but this part of the landscape well sky in this case!

With the dog

So off I go with the dog for my walk, with my camera and a 200mm lens! The kites were very high up which was handy at all, as there were very small in the frame!  But I carried on walking and shooting!

Downloaded the photos

I had my PC on when I got back so I downloaded the photos on my PC though Photo machines and when through them and cut down the photos till I was happy with them!

I did notice on three of the shot the sky was great and the kites were diving at one another! The kites were a little small but I was too worried about that as I had a plan!

So I dragged

So I dragged the photos from Photo machines into Lightroom, flagged them and did a bit of editing on them. Then I opened up the three images I liked into Photoshop!

This when it gets fun! So in Photoshop, I did the normal duplicate the layer and then when to levels and dragged the White slider in and then the Black slider in! I then used the hue/saturation a bit and then just to crop the images to a square, and that was it! Well, I did do two more times trying to keep everything the same-ish!

The only thing

The only thing I know for me is to discided if I am going to keep them individual or pop them into one print altogether?

Red Kites No 1 above

Red Kites no 1 by Brian Southam

Red Kites No 2


Red Kites No 3

Red Kites no 3 by Brian Southam

The End.

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