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These Prints Look Fabulous

Prints look fabulous

The Prints

Two weeks ago I sent off an order to my lab for 4 40×30 inch print to be done ready for the next craft Market I am doing! Well, the came in the other day, and boy do these prints look fabulous! This is the biggest size print I have had done so far and it well worth doing! I am so pleased with the Clours and the detail in the prints! I have had them, print onto some  Giclee fine art paper, with a nice Whiteboard around the photo.


Now, this did not go to plan as I had order 30×45 inch prints! I had to call the lab to see what was going on with the order as I got an email from him saying he was going to call me about my order to confirm my requirements! So when I call the lab and stared chatting to Mark he asked me was I going to frame the prints as I order four 30×45 inches! Mark pointed out to me that when he had big prints size before, there was a problem with the framing of the artwork! So I had to rethink the size before going ahead with the order and pop them back into photoshop to resize then, it turned out I had two options a 30×44 inch print or a 30×40 inch print which I went for the 30×40 inch print which look fabulous!


So the next thing to sort out is how to display, the fabulous prints? So far the option is to frame them as they are, or I can mount them into the frame? I could try a magnetic poster frame or I can do a flush mount onto some foam board?  There are two things I got a problem with is with frames and flush mounting onto foam board how to store them and the second is having the money to get them done! So I keep you posted on the outcome?


The lab I am using is White Imaging Ltd

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