Urban Landscapes

All building and object I have photographed in the city’s and towns are on this portfolio.

180 By Photos BS


All the model project I shoot are in this portfolio.

Happy Wire Faces By Photos BS


All the landscapes or object I have photographed you find in the countryside are in the portfolio.

This page is linked to all the portfolio on this website. I have will also include sets of photographs and individuals images on this page.

Individual Photos

The individual photos are from earlier works that I have creative. They will have more information on the individual images on their page. On how I may have taken the images, or why I was taking the photographs?

Also, add some more individual pieces of work when I finish editing them. They may be standalone photographs as I feel they work and I may not find that the subject can be a project I can work on. Or that they fit into a subject category.


Some of them are on gong projects that I am still engaged in and working on. Over time I will be updating the pages when I have some new images for them.

I will be adding a new project as and when I have completed them.

Instagram Portfolio

I have a link to my Instagram portfolio here. I will not be uploading any of my artworks onto any social media platforms at all.

Over time I will be adding some news images updates to my blog and then to the social media including Instagram feed at later date. There also be any event flyers I will be adding when I am showing work at events. Then any photos from the events I attend or exhibition I showing my work at!