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Portfolio Pages Update

Portfolio Pages Update

One of my jobs to do was a Portfolio Pages Update on the website. The plan was to take off any normale images. Or the more, (if you can say some of my images are) played with images of the website. Then add some older images I have don to keep in with the theme I am doing now!

Been A photographer you do have to try to keep up to date doing a job like improving your website as well as adding new images! As they say you only as good as your last photo!

This may seem easy but with the lockdown this makes it a bit more fun to do! Especially when I may have to do some traveling to do a shoot!

Well, I start off trying to add some older artwork. That I have done in the style I now doing of abstract or multi images. It started off OK I was adding seven thumbnails images to the page it looked OK until I saved it! The last one only loaded the default tag name of the image and not the image itself! Not Great!

Then I was tray to do some more work today and found I was still having this problem! So looking into it to find out what was going on? I have to do trial and error to see what not the problem is? So switch off everything and then plug it back in ain to see what not working right? Found it! Yay!

OK cool, I can get back on again! Wrong! What I find out now is that they have updated their pages so you can add a new layout. So now I have to look into how this works now! It should be too hard to do It and it cut out another way of doing it. Which is very similar to the old way I was doing it anyway. So back to homework!

So I hope I can get up to speed with this new page layout and get updates as soon as I can! This post will first try out of the new page! I just hope I can save them as templates too. That will be a great help updating other pages too! It will be good to get my Portfolio Pages Update too.

Portfolio pages updeats Landscapes
One the images I will be removing fro the portfoloio pages

The only problem also is I may have to go through the who website to see what other website pages I will need to update as well.
This may turn out to be a much bigger job than first planned!


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