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Portfolio London

The London eye pods By Photos BS
The London eye pods

St Paul's Dom By Photos BS
St Paul’s Dom
Leg It By Photos BS
Leg It
Dumping ground By Photo BS
The dumping ground
Tate Moden By Phtoos BS
Tate Moden
Thames Barrier By Photos BS
Thames Barrier
Space Invaders London By Photos BS
Space Invaders London
Stars & strips London By Photos BS
Stars & strips London
Battleship Battersea By Photos BS
Battleship Battersea

The Portfolio London Project.

This portfolio London project I have been working on over a number of years.

This was a project I had planned on working on! It more of the cast of me been in London wandering around as you do on a day out with the camera shooting whatever I see on that day!

I have been working on some of the images over a period of time. I really did have a clue that I may put them together and it is funny how it came together.

It like the one I call Leg It! It the No entry sign this was a dull day and I just walked passed it and did really think much to it at all! Then I when back and taken some shot of it! (lucky I did as it’s back to normal now!) I was sure what or if I was going to use the image at all? It was one them days where I was just playing around and had a light bulb moment I guess! (you can tell when I get bored! LOL)

It was the same with the St Pual’s dom. This was on a nice bright sunny day and though it will look better in Black and White! The beauty of having great Blue sky and be a great impact in Back and White! Then again I don’t know what made me put it into a new document and playing about again come up with it!

Then I had an email asking me if I would like to take part in A exhibition in London with my photographs! I jump at this opportunity feet first! Some of the images are more strat and few were a bit more abstract images of London landmarks in this exhibition.

Hang On!

Hang On what is the USA Stars & strips have to do with London? Well, the Apache helicopter was flying over Houses of Parlement in London. This may have to do with USA President Obamabeening in there!

Abstract Images.

I suppose that this was the early start to this new style of imager that I am doing more of now!