Portfolio Landscapes

Portfolio Landscapes

This is the Portfolio landscapes I have taken. OK, there may not be the normal landscapes you would think of! I have put them under this heading because there shoot in areas with more open space as you would get in the normal landscape sean.

We are so lucky

We are so lucky in the UK for having such diverse countryside. That you could travel A long way in a day to get to some great location if required.

I am also very lucky to live in the Chilterns, so I have excess to the countryside on my doorstep. This gives me a great opportunity to go and shoot more images for my portfolio-landscape section.

Great British Weather
With the great British weather, you never know what we are going to have? It can sometimes change very fast too within minutes. As we say the great Britsh summer bound to be wet! But sometime you may be out and about you could drive thought the weather into some sunshine! If it is so poor light it can be more challenging but aa good tripod helps!

Black and White
When it is bad weather or not so sunny, it is great to do moodier Black and White images. This will make a dull image stand out a bit more! If I am in luck you have some nice light do Colour images too.