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The suppliers I use for my artwork

I have been to the Longwick Art Show and been asked where I got my card stand from by an artist. So this got me thinking and I thought I would share some of the suppliers I use for my artwork. Here are some of the supplies I have used or got things from.

Uning new mount cutter
Using a new mount cutter for my artwork

Suppler – Infomation on service

Here is the list of the suppliers that range from mounting to framing and the fine art paper I use.

Cotswold Mounts: For cut mount board, baking board and bags.

Lion: For framing supplies

DIY: For framing supplies

Display Stands Ltd: The card stand and other display items

Fotospeed: Fine art paper & ink cartridges

Online Paper: Fine art paper & Ink cartridges

UK Pos: For my grid wall stands and display items

Solopress: Print my cards of my artwork to business cards and stickers