Photo Blog

This is my new photo blog page of things I have been doing or are shooting? As well as events I attend or show my work at.

Off to London

Off to London to take some photos, with David. This be fun

Clay Cross

I enter into a competition at Clay Cross not too bad of a start!

Clay Cross
Clay Cross

New Artwork Uploaded

My new artwork,has been uploaded. It is called Cinched City

Cinched City

Working on this artwork

I been working on this artwork. Slowly getting there!

New work

Happy New Year

Happy New Year  2022
Happy New Year  2022

Test Print

Do a test print today to see which looks better?

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas From Brian Southam
Merry Xmas From Brian Southam Photography

Install New SSD

Just installed a new SSD drive. Got it working and copy files across to it.

New SSD Installed

More Space

I require more space to edit my photos. This is my new hard drive that come today. Only one problem the cable I order did not come on!

New hard drive

New Art Paper.

I have some new art paper to try out! I order some Hahnemuhle photo rag 308g This is to compare with the Canson Platine fibre rag 310g. More to follow.

New Art Paper to try out.

The London Photo Show 2022

I have booked my space for next year London Photo Show in October 2022.

I Will Be Back Here In 2022

Wrapped Up

All wrapped up ready for the trip home! Till the next London Photo Show.

Print wraped up
Print wrapped up

Right foot

This morning the right foot forward to The London Photo Show today.

Right of to The London Photo Show.

Opening Night at The London Photo Show 2021

I when up to the opening night at the London Photo Show 2021. It was a good night that was well attended. The only problem was the print was hanging the wrong way, I hope it does move like that!

Opening Night at The London Photo Show 2021
Opening Night at The London Photo Show 2021

Link: The London Photo Show

Dopped Off My Print

I have dopped off my print today for The London Photo Show.

Dropped off my print
Dropped off my print

Link: The London Photo Show

Prints Framed

I Found out what I was doing wrong as I was trying to put the print in the frame! I had another problem with the print! It is not off centred got over it. 

My print framed
Print Framed
Print Framed as back up
Print Framed as backup

The Print Moved

Sadly the print has moved when I was trying to frame it, and so I have to redo it!

Print moved
Print moved

New Print is Unrolled

The new print is unrolled ready for framing.

New Print unrolled
New Print is unrolled

New prints

My new prints are in from the printers. The prints are from, Vol 2 London. Building with a big difference. The prints are for the London Photo Show in November 2021 that I will have on show. The first post on the Photo Blog.

My new prints have come
My new prints have come in.

Links: Vol 2 London London Photo Show