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Photo Blog

This is my new photo blog page of things I have been doing or am shooting. As well as events I attend or show my.

Next Month Bucks Artweek

I have been fortunate and will be in next month’s Bucks Art Week at the Wycombe Art Centre. So looking forward to doing this. I do need to get some new mugs and coasters printed for this!

Bucks Art Week 2024
Bucks Art Week 2024

My first red dot

When I went into The Exhibitionists Art Fair today I saw that I got my first Red Dot (hopefully, there are a lot more of them to come!) It was also an exciting time as I had Richard come in to collect the print he had brought from me.

Brian Southam’s artwork at The Exhibitionists Art Fair 2024

Yay I sold a print

Yay, I sold a print at the art fair! I was just walking into the show last night and met the owner of the village post office. She told me her son was being one of my prints so happy. I had a wonderful start to The Exhibitionists Art Fair. Here are photos of other artists’ lovely work at the show.

my artwork up so all set up

I run down to West Wycombe tonight to drop off my artwork. I got to pop my artwork up so all set up now, ready for the big opening tomorrow night.

West Wycombe art show
West Wycombe art show

Busy the next few nights

It is going to be busy the next few nights. Tonight I got to sort out pricing tags for my cards. Then tomorrow night drop off the artwork to the venue then Friday night price night.

Bech Tree Kiss

Not long now

It is not long now before my next art fair. So looking forward to doing this show.

art exhibiton
art exhibiton

My next show

My next show going to be with The Exhibitionists in West Wycombe Village.

The Exhibitionists
art exhibit Febeb 2013 POSTER

the last day at the Longwick art show

It was the last day at the Longwick Art Show, it had been a great show for me. I meet up with some fabulous artists, as you can see below.

Been to the Longwick art show

I have been to the Longwick Art Show again today. It has been busy with the flow of people coming to the show. Been a few faces I know. it has been great chatting with people about my artwork and how I create it. I will be back there for the last day.

drop off my Artwork

I went to Longwick this evening to drop off my artwork, ready for the art show. I also picked up my name badge ready for the event.

Brian Southam Artist
Brian Southam Artist

Less than A week

It is now less than a week before my first art show of 2024 at Longwick Art Show. Been hard work getting ready for it as I have lots of new images that have printed by myself!

Longwick art show 2024
Longwick art show 2024


Been framing some of my images today for the Longwick Art Show. It was fun getting into them! I got to get a mounts cut for 2 images then mount up some other then just finish the 2 images to frame.


20 prints later

Well, 20 prints later I broke the back of the print mounting. Now what is left is to frame 6 prints and mount maybe 5 more prints if I get them edited for the Longwick art show.

first print mounted

I started getting ready for the Longwick art show. Here is the first print mounted, I still have some more to do but I did get loads done today.

The first print mounted.

Only 2 weeks to go

I have only 2 weeks to go before the Lonmgwick art show. The job for this weekend is mounting the prints-up ready for the show.

Longwick art show
Longwick art show

going to London

I am meeting David so I going to London to shoot some buildings. Going to be fun.

Been busy printing

I have been very busy printing today. I am very pleased with the new Epson printer, with her fine art paper. My old Epson printer was a pain as you had to load the paper in the front of the printer. With this new printer, I load the fine art paper at the back which is a lot easier to do.

Canson paper has come in

I ordered some Canson art paper yesterday, to start printing my images for the upcoming Longwick Art Fair. Today the Canson paper has come in, so now I can start printing my artwork off. This going to be fun as this going to be the first time I have used my new Epspm printer to do any fine art paper.

A3+ Canson paper
A3+ Canson paper

Longwick Art Fair 2024

I am so looking, forward to showing my artwork again at the Longwick Art Fair 2024. The first of many for this year.

 Longwick art fair
Longwick art fair

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. So far my new year was spent in bed with a bad chest infection, so hopefully, this year get better!


Merry Xmas

I just like to wish you all A very Merry Xmas, and I hope you have a great time.

Star Marry Xmas
Star Marry Xmas

I am going to be IN 2024

I am going to be in the 2024 Longwick Art Fair. I got the email a week ago and have been busy filling out the form for my artwork for the show.

Now that all done I still have to get my paper in to do the printing, mounting and framing early next year! Exciting times.

Longwick art show
Longwick art show

Longwick Art Fair

I have applied again to show at the Longwick Art Fair 2024. I have been lucky to be excited about it again. Net Year I be showing some small prints to see how they go.

Longwick art show
Longwick art show

I like to know

I need some help, please. I like to know out of the two photos which you like more? I like them both, but that’s just me.

Beech Seeds By Brian Southam
Beech Seeds
Beech Kiss By Brian Southam
Beech Kiss

Black Friday Madness Part 1

It is that time of year again for Black Friday deals. I have a shoot coming up and I have an idea I like to try out and need an L bract for the GFX so I have been looking at 3 Ledded Things as they have one for my camera. So I have to keep an eye out for their deals, which they do and I place my order, and here are the goodies I got! The tea will come in hand I am sure! LOL

My new kit has arrived

My new kit has arrived. I had ordered the new printer and I also got a spare battery for the Fuji GFX50s II and the charger I also got some UV filters for the lens of the GFX too.

New Kit

I so looking forward to using the new Epson SC-P700 printer. Be interesting to see how much of a difference the new ink will be.

Epson printer

My printer died on me My new kit has

I did some printing the other day and my printer died on me, RIP. So now I am on the lookout for a new printer. Now do I go for an A3+ or A2 printer? Depends if I have the space for the A2 is the problem.

My old printer
My old printer

Round 2 with the Fujifilm camera

I got a studio book with the love Dee tomorrow. So it is round 2 with the Fujifilm camera in the studio. Last time I had a problem with trying to get the camera to fire with the remote trigger for my flash heads, and also trying to see what I was shooting as so dark in the view fimder.

Dee model

My annual trip to Haddenham

I did my annual trip to Haddenham, a flower show, to judge the photography section. The number of prints for me to judge was very low, but I still went along. It is great to see what other photographers do at all levels. It was also interesting to see what was on show as well as the other arts that were they.

HaddenhamFlower Show
HaddenhamFlower Show wining print

Far far away in the sunny UK!

Far far away some in the sunny UK, I have a plan to do some more sci-fi images! So I have been out for a walk today and looking for some flints to shoot, for this project.

This should be interesting to see how this works out with the stone.

Flints I found on my walk

Day out in London

The other week I had a day out in London shooting with David. It was a love day for it was nice and summy and so a white cloud in the sky too. We were walking around and I was feeling too great, I was not sure if was the heat or I just needed food.

After my lunch, I did feel a bit better. I carried on shooting.


Art Centre

On Monday evening, I popped into Wycombe to the art centre as was their creative evening. I was the first one there, and I was greeted by Dan A professional artist.

We were chatting and he was telling me about himself and what he did as an artist. I had taken some test prints with me and I was showing him what I was doing with my abstract art. Dan liked my work and was given me some advice on my work, which was a great help. I look forward to going again to the centre soon.

Chair back
Chair back

New Print size

I have been doing some test prints at A4 and A3 sizes. This is to see if there be as good as the big prints I am doing, so you can see the small detail I may have added to an image.

I think The A3 will work so keep an eye out for the new size limited edition prints.

Test Print Size
Test Print Size
Test Print Sizes
Test Print Sizes

New Facebook shop

I have set up a new Facebook shop, to sell my artwork. I going to be adding more images to my shop over the next few months. I will be also looking out for art fairs to go to as well.

Facebook Shop
Facebook Shop

Trying out some new fine art papers

I have been trying out some new fine art papers. Two were from the same company Canson and I had one more different paper from Hahnemuhle.

I had from Canson Platine fibre rag which I get most of my artwork printed onto and a new one I tried out the Baryta Prestige II, to be honest, there was much difference between them! Now the other Hahnemuhle paper was Photo Rag smooth, this was a very mat paper.

I’m not sure if I may change at all, this may be because of what my printers stock in papers.

Testing fine art papers
Testing fine art papers

Parting in the park

I will be attending the event Party in the Park this Saturday in Princes Risborough.

Party In The Park
Party In The Park

Studio shoot

I going to work in the studio tomorrow shooting the lovely Dee. Should be fine if not too hot! This getting to be a yearly event this shot!


Ace cafe

A mate of mine just got a new motorcycle. So the plane was to go to the Ace cafe to have breakfast, and he could show off his new bike to his mates. Then I can take some photos.

This was okay but after a short time, the GFX 50 started showing it was getting too hot! That different!

Photo London

After taking out a mortgage to buy a ticket for Phot London at, the last minute. It was a lovely day in London to have a look around at the photo.

New Lens

I got a new lens for my Fujifilm GFX. I got a 120mm macro lens. So I think that I sorted with Fuji, for now.


I had to opportunity to go to an alternative nightclub called Slimelight. Well, it’s a good time to see if I can find any models for upcoming shoots.

Lovely Day for it.

It was a lovely day to get out and take some photos. I have been working on a project with trees so off I set to get some more trees for it. So I take the first shot, and the batter is dead! Luck I had a spare with me. So I do my shoot and come home to charge the batter, ready for my London trip tomorrow with David.

I have been looking up the Tub line for the trip to London. Been a busy day.

a new range of greeting cards.

I have just added a new range of greeting cards, to my sales page. 4 cards for sale are blank inside to put your message in. When ordering the cards you get free UK postage.

The wren greetting card
The wren greeting card

Day out in London.

I had a day out in London yesterday with David. We went up to the Other Art Fair at the Truman Brewery. It was interesting to see all the different artwork.

After we wandered about we moved on to looking around the O2 arena and taking some photos. Overall a good day out

The other art fair

Stock up on paper.

The other day I ran out of some paper, I was doing a test print on a new piece of artwork I was doing. So I thought I better stock up on paper, so I can do my test prints.

Hahnemuhle photo paper
Hahnemuhle photo paper

A great night

I had a great night at the Longwick art show. I first met with Brian Worley and his wife, then later on I saw this guy seemed familiar, and after chatting with him I remembered it was Andy Sands. This was some great networking for me.

Longwick art show
Longwick art show

Off to the Longwick art show.

Off to the Longwick art show this evening. Looking forward to seeing my work on display.

Longwick art show
Longwick art show

Dropped my prints off.

I dropped my prints off last night at the Longwick art show. I hope they fitted them in OK as the space was too small for my big prints.

my prints
my prints

Only three days.

Only three days to go before the Longwick art show. Tomorrow is a drop-off day so I have my prints all ready to go.

Longwick art show
Longwick art show

I was getting my cards ready.

I was getting my greeting cards ready, for the Longwick art fair next week. So I was busy putting twenty-five cards with envelopes and a card catch sticker to hold them together. each card.

Both gretting cards
Both greeting cards

My orders are flying in.

My orders are flying in from the printers. My second getting card has come in and so have the card catch stickers. Going green with the new cards cutting down on plastic.

Part of my order was delivered.

The first part of my order was delivered today. The greeting cards are looking great.

Finally got the order done.

Finally got the order done for my greeting cards, sorted and sent to the printers. I thought I got all done OK, til the next morning when I get three emails saying I left their temple active and can print the job! So I had to pop back to sort that out, which lucky was easy to do! So looking forward to getting them!

Paper sampels
Paper samples

Three Weeks

Only three weeks to go before the Longwick art show. Looking forward to doing this show.

Longwick art show
Longwick art show

When for a walk with David

It was a lovely morning today and I when for a walk with David through the woods. We were planning on going to London, but we changed our plans! This was lucky as the M40 was closed off!

Looking up at trees
Looking up at trees

Paper samples have arrived.

The paper samples have arrived from one of the printing companies. Now I can decide what paper I like my greeting cards print onto. then I can get them on order and ready for my first art show f the year!

Paper sampels
Paper samples

Looking into greeting cards.

I have been trying to get some greeting cards don of my new artwork. So I spent some time today looking into greeting cards in-depth and found I can get some samples to see what they finish like!

greating -cards
Greeting cards

Great morning for a walk.

It was a great morning for a walk. It was a bit windy but that was OK! I had a great time taking photos for my new project. Still getting used to the new Fujifilm camera, I had an idea to turn off the back screen viewfinder! It seemed a good idea but then I found that if I when into the menus to change something it did not appear on the back screen but in the viewfinder! That not easy to see what you’re doing!

My first Art Show of 2023

I am getting ready for my first art show of 2023. I going to be showing six of my photography abstract images at the Longwick art show on the opening night of 17 February 2023. So if you like to come to the preview night please contact me for getting a ticket.

Longwick Art Show
Longwick Art Show

Upgrade to a camera.

I have taken the decision to upgrade to a new camera. So I got a Fujifilm camera, so it is going to be fun learning how it works as there all different in some ways! The idea behind this is to improve the image quality so I could print my artwork even bigger now! The new camera has a bigger sensor so I hope my PC can handle it.

New Fujifilm
New Fujifilm
In it box_
In it box

Round II for a walk.

After Sunday’s attempt for a walk, it was round II for a walk. It was a lovely sunny morning with some clouds moving through the wind. The plan was to start shooting some photos for a new nature project. So off I set and start taking some pictures along the way. Now, this was going well until the camera flashed up A Red batter sign! I did the classic thing of leaving the spare batter at home! So hopefully third-time lucky!

Wood Path

Walking up the pathway.

I thought I go and have a walk this morning. It was nice when I started walking up the pathway. I got my camera with me and I thought I take some photos. It didn’t last long as it started to rain. I so give up and come home.

Path way

Happy New Year.

I like to wish you all A Happy New Year for 2023. I hope it going to be a good year for everyone!

My plans for this year for me are going to be, Show more of my work at different art fairs, and go to more social and art events. As well as creating more stunning and unusual artworks.

Happ New Year 2023
Happy New Year 2023

Bit of Culture Time.

I when out for a bit of culture time the other day, with an old school friend. It has been some time since I have been out to the cinema to see a film. We when to see the new Avatar film The Way of Water. It was an excellent film, but sometimes a bit long-winded in some scenes. So that draws the question of what is mine is the next big blockbuster image going to be in 2023.


Black Friday Sales!!

That time of year again yes it’s Black Friday sales! I brought some new hard drives for backing up my photos! So look at Western Digital as there are giving 50% Off!

Western Digital Sale
Western Digital Sale
Backup hard drives
Backup hard drives

Well, I had some unexpected problems at the weekend!

Well, I had some unexpected problems at the weekend! The first was when A customer come to pay for some cards. I did have my card readout so I when to get out of it box, boy that was hard work! When I go it out of the box eventually, I note one of the batters was feeling a bit funny, It had blown! I pop it in the card reader and got it stuck! Not great at all so after coming home and getting the batter out, fine then I pop in some new batters and get this unit Blocked! Great so the next day I get online to customer care, who informs me that it broke so I need a new one. So I get a new one from Tootstaion.

So I was back at the market on Sunday and I got a bum bag I was using and that broke too! So that was my third thing to go wrong! Batters, card reader, and bum bag!

Card reader
Card reader
Bum bag
Bum bag

Day two of the craft market

Day two of the craft market in West Wycombe. It is a lovely day for it.

I have sorted out my card reader and had to buy a new one. So sadly no credit card payment today. Fingers crossed I don’t need it!

My table display

My display at West Wycombe craft market.

I have my display at West Wycombe craft market. So far it has been very busy.

West Wycombe craft market

Bit of tweaking ready for tomorrow.

Bit of tweaking ready for tomorrow’s craft market. The last time I was exhibiting my work I notes I had the picture frame hangers the wrong way around! So what was happing was when I put the print on the s hooks they were showing. So I have been changing them around so you don’t see the s hooks!

Changing the hanger around
Changing the hanger around

Well, tomorrow I start loading the van up.

Well, tomorrow I start loading my van up. Ready for the West Wycombe craft market on Saturday. I got to do some figures tonight on costing of my photos!

Laoding the van
Loading the van

The new print style comes off the printer.

It is fun to see your work in 2 D. The new print style comes off the printer in this video clip. For me if important to see your work. Why as you get a better idea of how it looks for real.

New print.

Only six-day to go before the West Wycome market next weekend.

Boy time flies as only six-day to go before the West Wycombe market next weekend. There is not much to get great for this show as I got evening don at my last event. So all I have to do is get my stuff out and load up the van!

Craft Market November 2022
Craft Market November 2022

Trying out a new Idea!

Tring out a new idea, with my model images! So I have been trying out adding different elements to the images to see how it looks! This may become a project of sci-fi women!

Digital Model
Digital Model

My next Event will be the West Wycombe Market

My next event will be the West Wycome market. On the 19 and 20 of November, I will be in my village showing my artwork. I setting up my stall in the church so this should be fun!

West Wycombe Craft Market
West Wycombe Craft Market

Been to The London Photo Show

I have been to the London photo show tonight. Great to see my print hanging up at the exhibition. It was good to see the other photographers’ work too.

Drop off my print at The London Photo Show

Going to London today to drop off my print at The London Photo Show. I had problems parking but when that was sorted it was an easy tip into London. I dropped my print off I had a coffee and then had a walk around London taking some photos! It was a lovely day for taking photos.

Then I had a look in two galleries at some photography, which I do not do for some time!

The Great Unroll and Framing.

It is always great to unroll the new prints. It can be hard not to damage the prints trying to get them flat again, as they coiled up like a spring! Once this is done I can start mounting and framing the new print

Frames and Prints have come in.

My Frames and print come in today! The fun starts with the unrolling of the prints to get them flat for mounting! I hope to get most of the framing and mounting of the prints done this weekend!

Frmaes & Prints
Frmaes & Prints

Order arrives.

I have been busy ordering supplies for the art fair I am doing in about A week’s time. Some of the orders have arrived today1 I got an ink cat come in as well as some cut mounts and well as more cards for more mounts and backing board as well as Styrene Clear sheets.


New A4 and A3 papers to use.

When I when to the Photography show I order some new paper to use. It has come in today! So I looking forward to using the Canson Baryta Prestige II in A 4 and A3 sizes. I let you know how I get on with it!

Canson Baryta Perstige II
Canson Baryta Perstige II

The Photography Show 2022

When up to The Photo Show at the NEC. It was good so to the day as I had to apply for 2 e-tickets as I did get my first ticket! I when up with Alan to the show.

Looking at a location in Beaconsfield

Looking at the location, for a pop-up gallery today.

I drove up to Beaconsfield to look at some halls In the area.

It was a good trip out as I got to look around two of them.

Artwork is up at the Princess Risborough festival

My artwork is up, at the Princess Risborough festival. I was displaying some of my photos with the Princess Risborough camera club.

My Artwork
Show a new print
PRPS popup gallery

Building the Frames

I was building the frames up last night ready for the framing of my new prints.

Building frams up
Building frames up
Frames made up
Frames made up

Loading the van up

Loading some of the display sands onto the van tonight! Ready for the Princes Risborough festival this Saturday.

Laoding the van
Loading the van

Round 2

Round 2 with the frames and mount boards!

More frames
More frames

Using My New Mount cutter

I was using my new mount cutter today! It cut the sheet into size very early! But I am having problems when cutting the windows it not cutting through the last 2 inches.

Uning new mount cutter
Using a new mount cutter
Not cutting though
Not cutting through

Big Mount cutter

As I am framing some new prints with window mounts! I order a new Logan mount cutter to do the large mounts. I am looking forward to using this!

Mount cutter
Mount cutter
Logan cutter
Logan cutter

New Prints

My order of six new prints come in today! The big unrolling will be at the weekend, ready for mounting.

I will be showing the new prints at my camera club Princess Risborough Photography Society on ty 9 July 2022. The club have a pop-up gallery in the Gorge and Dragon pub on the high street from 1 to 4 pm.

New prints
New prints

New Frames

I order some new Frames the other day. I got 3 new size frames to put together
Mountbaod arived
New mount boards
New frames
The frames well raped up

Looking at Art

Looking at Art I when out to have a look at an art fair

Mentomor Arts Festival

Dee 6

Trying out a new artwork with a model!

Dee 6
Dee 6

Off to London

Off to London to take some photos, with David. This be fun

Clay Cross

I enter into a competition at Clay Cross not too bad of a start!

Clay Cross
Clay Cross

New Artwork Uploaded

My new artwork has been uploaded. It is called Cinched City

Cinched City

Working on this artwork

I have been working on this artwork. I am slowly getting there!

New work

Happy New Year

Happy New Year  2022
Happy New Year  2022

Test Print

Do a test print today to see which looks better.

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas From Brian Southam
Merry Xmas From Brian Southam Photography

Install New SSD

Just installed a new SSD drive. Got it working and copy files across to it.

New SSD Installed

More Space

I require more space to edit my photos. This is my new hard drive that come today. Only one problem the cable I order did not come on!

New hard drive

New Art Paper.

I have some new art paper to try out! I order some Hahnemuhle photo rag 308g This is to compare with the Canson Platine fibre rag 310g. More to follow.

New Art Paper to try out.

The London Photo Show 2022

I have booked my space for next year’s London Photo Show in October 2022.

I Will Be Back Here In 2022

Wrapped Up

All wrapped up and ready for the trip home! Till the next London Photo Show.

Print wraped up
Print wrapped up

Right foot

This morning the right foot forward to The London Photo Show today.

Right of to The London Photo Show.

Opening Night at The London Photo Show 2021

I when up to the opening night of the London Photo Show 2021. It was a good night that was well attended. The only problem was the print was hanging the wrong way, I hope it does move like that!

Opening Night at The London Photo Show 2021
Opening Night at The London Photo Show 2021

Link: The London Photo Show

I Dopped Off My Print today

I have dropped off my print today for The London Photo Show.

Dropped off my print
Dropped off my print

Link: The London Photo Show

Prints Framed

I Found out what I was doing wrong as I was trying to put the print in the frame! I had another problem with the print! It is not off-centred got over it. 

My print framed
Print Framed
Print Framed as back up
Print Framed as backup

The Print Moved

Sadly the print moved when I was trying to frame it, so I have to redo it!

Print moved
Print moved

New Print is Unrolled

The new print is unrolled and ready for framing.

New Print unrolled
New Print is unrolled

New prints are in

My new prints are in from the printers. The prints are from, Vol 2 London. Building with a big difference. The prints are for the London Photo Show in November 2021 that I will have on show. The first post on the Photo Blog.

My new prints have come
My new prints have come in.

Links:  Vol 2 London  London Photo Show