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Not Good

Not good

Not good, I am getting the feeling that WD passport is not working properly it taken ages to copy over 1 GB dater from my computer to it so far it has taken to copy 1 GB 3 Hours!!!

Talk about been slow

Talk about slow going! LOL, The other hard drive don the year in minutes! This will take ages! For a USB 3 connection, this is supper slow transferring the dater over!

I wonder

I wonder if I was trying to transferring too much dater over? Or is this driver a USB 2 and not USB 3? Or is the disk not that fast that slowing it up who will know?

New thoughts

Well, I have been having some new thoughts on what I will do with this drive! I going to use it as a backup!


It a shame this is so slow on the read and write speed as it would be great! This would ben ideal as the drive is small and compact, compared with a normal desktop drive! As the smaller size would been handy to store them more easer.

As there great as you may store 3 of the portable drives compared to one desk to harddrive!

I may have to look at other models for this? The problem is I could use at least two different manufactories of the drives for this just in case something goes wrong with a drive? Just in case the drives develop a fault as this is the last thing I will need?

I just have to keep on looking and see what the manufacturers are doing every so often, with the small portable hard drives? Also, the price of them too as they can be a lot more than a stander dest top hard drive unit.


The End


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