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Night Out

Drinks update
When for a night out

I when for a night out to the Reading photographer social group, last night. It a mix of photographers and models! I had a good evening chatting to some of the models there and I am very interested in working with one of the young ladies there! I have my finger crossed!:-)

It was interesting to listing to the other photographer taking about there shoots! My conclusion is as follows rules!

Some of my thought

Here some of my thought on a shoot with models (this for a bit of fun!)

1] We love to shoot models!

2] We can never plan what we going to shoot with the model! We may start off with an idea but depending on the length of the shoot this could fade!  See rule 1!

3] There are too may lovely models out there to shoot! See rules 1 and 2!

4] As a photographer we may not always have the money always to do shoots with the lovely models! See rules 1, 2 and 3!

5] It very hard works been a photographer! See rules 1,2, 3 and 4

6] We are very lucky to work with some lovely models when we can! See rules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5


Before you book a model have some idea for a shoot?

Always look at the model’s profile and make sure the model you like to book dose the work you like to shoot! Do not book a model for nude when she only does FASHION!

When your booking a model spend some time chatting (or when using emails) to her about what your like to do on the shoot?

Communication is very important in a shoot with a model!

Let her have a contact number and got one off the model too?

The End

Drinks Update