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New Work


New work

Well, I have the Craft Market coming up this weekend and I feel I need to do some new work for it! It is important to put new work out there to keep it looking fresh and not dated. It can be very easy to fall into this trap!

In doing the craft market

In doing the craft market and other events it a good idea to try to do the same event as (I hope) people will get to know you and look out for you at the events.

I have showed

I have an image that I have showed at my camera club which I feel I can do a bit more on!


It can be a good idea to relook at an image and see if you can improve any more?

This could be Croping it?

Or darkening down something that too bright in the image!

You could take out something that stands out too much! (yes, we can cheat!)

The image

The image is of the Thames barrier, that I have taken on a trip up the Themes! They not much more to do on it but may do a bit off cropping and resizing for mounting to be done on it! I will have to print it too!

Taken in London

There is another image I may try to do as well, it a night shot taken in London some weeks ago, very moody! Keep you updated on how it going!

The End.