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New Landscapes Photos

Portfolio Landscapes
New Landscapes Photos

The new landscapes photos are all taken close to my home. On one my walks in the woods I have titled it Woodlands, I come across the uprooted Ash trees and love the way the trees were crossed over! The Colour photo looked boring but I thought I convert it to Black and White to give it more of a mood!



I was invited up to Wales for a few days with a photographer friend in late December to do some photography. The weather on the first day was dull and wet but we when out for a drive to look at a different location to see what we can see and on the drive past to a location, I noticed this waterfall and thought it would be worth looking at! Although the day was not very nice  I still manage to get some great shot done!

The next day

The next day was sunny and we set off we head back to the same way as we did the day before and I said about stopping at this location, which we did! We had a great walk into the mountains and this was the shot I got looking back! I called it The Welsh Valley! It was well worth doing!

Welsh Valley By Brian Southam

The next image is the Old Oak Tree this tree dose does not give up as long as I can remember been half dead and half alive! So I thought it is worth shooting!

Old Oak Tree By Brian Southam

The next Colour image I called Field, taken on one my walk close to my home! This image I don at an angle as I like to try a different way to show of something!  I Also added some Colour to the crop in the foreground and played with the over Colour too!

Field By Brian Southam

I will be adding more inages soon!