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New Display Stands

New display stands


New display stands

My new display stands come in today. I have five, two feet by six feet panels with three sets of feet and clips to hold the panels together!

Talking to two friends

What had happened I was talking to two friends (on different days) what I been doing that weekend! I was told then about the craft market where I was selling my artwork in West Wycombe I had been to! Both of them said that I need wall space to display photographs! So far I have been using a table at the markets to display my photographs on as well as a print holder!


So I started looking into the best way to put my photographs onto! I came across the Grid-wall display panels system. So after a bit of thinking on how I can use this the best advantage, I come up with the idea of u shape, for the display. This will give me plenty of space to hopefully show off about fifteen-twenty by sixteen mounted photographs, also space for the cards and my print holder too!

Small table

The only thing I may get next is a small table to put my mugs and business cards on! Or I may use one my possing tubs for this!

Hold the prints

I have on order some bulldog clips to hold the prints on the panels. I may need to get some S hook too to hang onto the Grid-wall so the bulldog clips can hang off them when holding the prints!

Leave a bit more time

All I need to do now is leave a bit more time when going to the next market to set this lot up!  That should be fun! I may have to do a dry run first!

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