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New Display Stands

I have got

I have got some new display stands by Gridwall on order and should be coming in today.

What happened

What happened was, I had just done my local Craft Market in West Wycombe at the weekend and said to two friends of mine  (on different days) about what been up to that weekend!

Space to display

They both said that I need wall space to display my photos on!

Sound a good idea

Sound a good idea so I started looking into what the best way was to do this! I come up with a shop display system, that should hopefully work!

So I started looking about for the stands online I can across a display stands called Gridwall, that will work! The next thing was to see which firm was the best to the stands from? There was some difference in prices and also what I could get with the stand like legs sign display too!

Also the size

There was also the size I had to think about how may prints I may need to display too? So my thing was if I had six feet panel that should be plenty of space for at least three twenty buy sixteen prints as a view.

Then how big space was or could I have to do my display? As most of the craft markets go by table sizes!

The plan

The plan was to buy five panels by six feet high, so I could have three across the back and two at the end so I make u section from them! So I work out how may feet I would need for this and straight connectors to join the panels together. I add a name display to the order too so I can put it on the top.


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