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My First Exhibition for 2020

Exhibition 2020

My first exhibition for 2020 is going to be the 8 March 2020 at West Wycombe Craft market where I will be in the Pub!

New Work

I will be showing my new work from for my project Altered Reality Volume number one, London.

So what next to do is now I have my space booked I have to look through the images and pick out four to be printed, and first make sure they’re the right size which will be 30×45 inch print! When that don them sent off to the lab to be printed! (hopefully, get them off today!)


When that sorted out I have to think about how I will display them? I have been looking at making up some picture frames myself! I am lucky that I have a DIY framing center in the town so I can get all my supplies from there! Think I going for quite a wide frame, this is so I can take them apart to store them when I not showing my images off!

This the only downside is to have space to store all your images framed or mounted up! I am hoping to get over this in a simple way of holding the frames together with l-brackets and screws! I keep you posted on when I start this!

The plane is to disassemble the frames and stack them up them the glass and back are fine to hide after taking the frames apart and to roll up the prints! A 30×45 frame is very big, as my photos are more abstract and modern, I feel itis the best way to display my images.

More Location

As this the first showing of my work this year, I must keep on looking for more locations to show this new set of images off, this may not be so easy, watch this space!


These Prints Look Fabulous