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Mounting up My Prints

New Prints are in
For the last two days

For the last two days, I have been busy getting my prints mounted for the weekend.

The Print came in yesterday

The prints came in yesterday, there was a bit of disappointment and one print got corner damage! But other than that OK! So the first thing I had to do was unroll them and get them faltered out to mount up!  So I left them under some book and other bits to keep them flat!

I started getting mounted

Some three or so hours later I started getting mounted onto the foam board I got, from the local framing suppler DIY Framing I had already cut the boards into two pieces and all I had to then was lined up the print and had to trim a bit off the foam board to the right size!  So the next fun bit was to get the prints glued down to the boards! This was to bad as the foam bards were all ready glued up and was just to line the prints up and peel back the cover and remove out the print onto the board!

Next Job

When all the print were on the boards the next job was to put some wooden block onto the back to hang them up! I finally finish the last boards today! This gives the glue to dry out fully before Sunday hanging!

Print up some labels

That me nearly ready just go to print up some labels with the print information on and I all ready to show them!

Going to be nice

Just hope the weather going to be nice? As you never know with the Britsh weather what it is going to do? Well, I will soon be finding out!

New prints are inNew prints are in Post tube with new prints in


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