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Major Job

Major job


Major Job

Major job on backing up all my 900 + CD and DVD to an external hard drive!

It great going out shooting photos that the fun bit! The real work stat when you start editing them all!  Sadly that not the end you then have to store the images somehow!

CD then onto DVDs

So I use to back up onto CD then onto DVD! Then somehow I learn the that was the best way to do it! So now I backing up!

This going to be fun

This going to be fun! (more like boring!) So far I have don 3 years’ worth of images only 12 more years to go! Him, through USB 3 was fast! 12 hours later only copied 6GB out of the 12GB! This going to be a slow job!


This is going to be an ongoing job for me! Having an archive of digital images will need to be maintained over time, not like putting negatives into a box a storing them! So a thing changes over the year in technology to come I have to try to keep the archive up to date as much as possible with the changes.

The End

Backing Up
3 TB
Not Good
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