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Vol 1 London 26

London Vol 1.

London buildings as you never seen them before

The City of London

Portfolio Vol 1 London is based on the City of London in the UK and is the first in the series. The city has given me a totally different way and style to give you abstract images that are unique.

Modern Building

Some of the more modern buildings and structures you will see in London. The method I have used on this has given me a totally different style to my images with a unique abstract and graphic look to my artwork.

Set of New Images

Here is a complete set of new images that I have been working on called Altered Reality! This can be an everyday object you may see on a daily bases. But has been altered both in Colour and appearance by a simple method.


I have been lucky and had some inspiration for this new project. With the support of a friend who likes my latest work. That helps me work on it from a base idea and developed from there, to what you see now! So the new portfolio Vol 1 London was born.

Once I had the foundation

Once I had the foundation for the way I was processing my images it was fun working on them and I love the way that you could use any photo I had taken for a bright sunny day to a really flat dull day and get a stunning image out of it! Also, the difference between clear Blue skies, to another photo with a sky that had White clouds in it gives a really moody image to the artwork!

Fits in Very Nicely

This project has fitted in very nicely with the way I like to show my photographs I do like bright colours and to do something a bit different from just a normal image! The graphical inference can make the artwork modern and even SCI-FI with some images.