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It Was A Good Day For It

Good Day For It

It Was A Good Day For It

It was a good day for it, so I got the camera out! The day was lovely and summy and we got some clouds in the sky too, just what I needed!

About three weeks ago I was out for my daily walk. I had my camera with me so I can take some photos for the project of old dead tree branches. It was a perfect afternoon for it lovely clear Blue skies, no clouds at all!

I was having a good walkabout to see what I can find for this project. I found about four trees that were I for this project. The only problem was three out of the four were on a bit of a hill so not easy getting a foothold without moving!

I had got some great shots from this shoot! Then it got me thinking? On the day I had don this shoot with just clear Blue sky’s! It would be a bad idea to go around again to the same location again with some different lighting! The idea this time have a day when there were some white clouds in the sky!

Now I had to get the weather I required so I put my order in! LOL Well the day came so I was out to reshoot the locations again.

Now, this sounds simple but it does quite work as it should! So I may have the lighting in one direction and the clouds in the wrong place! Grr, Like it all in the same place so when I look at the view from where I would like to shot it be a clear sky! Then I have to move about so I can get the sky in and it put the branch of the tree into the shadow!

This is the great part been about creativity and photography you start with A idea and you develop it! So I may have to go for another walk around the tree location at different times of the day and see what results I get again?

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