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Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year I hope it going to be a good one and be very productive in 2021!

The Highs and Lows of the year 2020

Well, what a year it been! With all the Covid-19 problems not been able to get out a lack of supplies and so on!

The Highs of the 2020 year are,

I started off the year trying to be as produced as possible with my photography as much as I could! This started off with me getting some large 30×40 prints up and framed up for a craft market in March 2020.

Updating my website as much as I could. With a new sales page and some new artwork and some blogs.

Trying to get on with shoot my project when allowed out to do so! It was strange being in London at this time with the street in place empty! I was also shooting more local too that was easier to do, I just when out for a walk with my camera and start shooting.

Exhibiting at the London Photo Show in October in the Oxo tower building! I would love to go to the show every day but as I don’t live in London would be practical at this time with the Covid-19 problem. Hopeful next year I can do it again and attend the show more?

The Lowes of the 2020 year are,

I had the Black screen of death with my PC! That has been a big problem to sort out! I slowly getting it sorted!

I have been less produced than I should have been! In the shooting of more images and the editing of them to the final stages ready to display on my website or getting them printed up for exhibit then.

The plans for the new year 2021

Shooting more project and making them even more interesting! Getting them edited and displayed even if just on my website for now!
I was planning on being more proactive in 2020 and finding more venues to show my photographs at, but the Covid-19 pandemic put pay to that one! So hopefully when we all had our vaccine jabs in 2021 I can do this. But for now, it is reaching where I can show the photos!

Hopefully, get some new photos printed up and exhibited would be great! I may even do pop up gallery if I can find a venue to hold it in?

Wishing you all A Happy New Year and A Great 2021