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Good Start

Neath & District report card
Chris Foster

God start. On 25 March 2019 this year we had, Chris Foster come to my camera club to give us a talk on “Journey after ABPE Nat Exhibits. I enjoyed this talk!

Enters the exhibitions

Chris was telling how he enters the exhibitions through a network of camera clubs in the UK there are 17 clubs that do this!

What so good about what is you can gain points if you get work expected into the exhibition like one photo that is one point and builds up to 25 points you can apply for a BPE award!

Now this does

Now, this does cost to enter but when you get the awards you keep them not like the Royal Photographic Society when you stop paying you to lose your letters!

So Chris was going for a high award the and so he needs more points I think it was about 100 points and 30 Awards with 15 different pieces of work!  Not easy at all, but Chris managed it so he now an FBPE!

I have a go

So I thought I have a go and see how I do! So I find the Britsh Photographic exhibitions web site (A link below) and look up the club and send some images off!

I Logged into

So when I logged into my emails tonight and got an email from Neath & District Photographic Society saying I have an image accepted, out of 12 images I very happy with that! So I now have one point so only 24 more points for the first level a good start!



Neath & District report card

Neath & District Web site


Britsh Photographic exhibitions web site