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Going to be busy

West Wycombe Craft market
I am going to be busy

I am going to be busy! I must get at least 4 to 6 new photos don before the 24 March 2019 for the West Wycombe Craft Market I am doing!

Over a month ago

I have an idea to use some images, I have taken them over a month ago now!  But I been so busy I have not had time to sit down and do what I have planned for them yet! Some of them are (hopefully) going to be easy to do! Then I going to try and do some more creative and a lot more work!

I am good with layers

It luck I am good with layers in Photoshop! I got an idea that going to be a lot of work but hopefully be worth it! (well I think so!)

Layers are the best friend to a photographer! They’re really easy to use when you get your head around how they work!

The first thing I always do is duplicate the image never work on the image itself! Then when I have finished working on an image I normal do A save as and give a new name or add a number to it to make it different like: A image has a set number then I use the file number that the camera adds so if I was working on 123-0001 image when I do the save as I may do 123-0001-1 so I not touch the original file at all but made a new copy of it!

All great plans but I must stop doing other stuff and get on with them!


West Wycombe Craft Market
Red Kites