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Getting Prints Ready

Mount Board

Getting prints ready

I have been getting prints ready for this week’s Craft Market in West Wycombe.

It not been easy

This has not been easy, the weather has helped, as I had to cut the mounts in the garage and have the mount board in the house so it has been a bit of mad rush to get out there without the mount board getting wet!

Fun doing the cutting

It not been fun doing the cutting as trying to cut big mounts on your own is not easy! So I have some G clamps to how down the strat edge I have, but that can bow up in the middle a bit!

Then you go off cores when doing the cut by 3 mm out one end dose help! Or you don’t apply the right pressure and it does cut right through the board anther problem! Also when you start to do the cut and when you come to the end and stop with the cutting you don’t do it right so you have to get the knife and run into the corners to get it to cut it!

More board

So last Friday I had to pop out and get some more boards to use as backing boards to attach the print too! This is just in case I have to cut more mounting mats for the prints! (hopeful not!)

Putting all together

So, later on, this week I have to get the last mounts mats cut and the backing board cut to size! Then I just have to put the backing boards and mount mat and glazing into the frames I got to make up. Fingers crossed this goes OK!


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