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Free CD’S

Free CD'S

Free CD’S

Free CD’s I will be giving away at the Photographers Galley Folio Friday event! I have don twenty CD’s to give away, of my portfolio Altered Reality Vol: 1 London.

My Portfolio

My portfolio oh Altered Reality Vol: 1 London may have too many images in it so I may have to smile it down by about 18 images! that is not going to be easy at all! So that A job a bit later in the week! (Well in the next 3 days anyway!) So far I have 48 images in my book which Ok if people are interested? But I will not like to bore them so It has to be cut down!

The plus side of this is I can bring some other images along to show people of the different images I have been working on! I have two projects I have been working on so I will bring three or four images from them!

I also going to bring with me three images that started it all off to show what gives me the idea for this project!


There be more images on the CD that I will be showing at the Photographers Gallery, so get in there and get free CDs before they all go! So the event is on from 2 pm to 5 pm the 21 Feb 2020 at

The address is

The nears tube station is Oxford Circus

There is a charge to get into the Photographer Gallery at £5.00 unless you are a member? That gives you the opportunity to look around the galleries as well!

I love talking about photography and meeting people! This also a great opportunity to get to hear how I don some of the images, that may inspire you with your photography?


The Photographers Gallery

Confirmed My Booking For Folio Friday.

Folio Friday