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Folio Friday

The photographer Gallery

The Event

The Folio Friday is run by the Photographer Gallery in London, so I have applied for registration today to go along and show off my new set of images.

The Day

It a day event for a photographer to go, and show off their photographs. It starts at 11.30 am to set up which should take too long! then at 12 pm lunch (yay). and a talk by the resident host and a guest. At 1 pm we can all look around to admire each other work, it a great way to get ideas and I highly recommend any taking the time to look at as may photographer images as you can! Then at 2 pm the door open to everyone to have look at the photographer’s portfolios!


I should geta email asking me what sort images I would be showing? Lucky for me I go this done already just copy and paste job and I have, my portfolio ready so am I all ready to go! To all I have to do is get there!”

Fun Day

So I am excited on this day out in London as I love showing off my photos and the Folie Friday event is a perfect opportunity to do this! It is aslo great to talk way to meet people it will be fun!  I will be good to see what the other photographers are doing and to hear the speakers too! So I just have to work out my travelling time into London for the day and leave plenty of time to get there before 11.30 am! The first problem with this is parking as I have a certain area I park in but it can be very busy, so I have to make sure that I leave in plenty of time, just in case I got a bit longer walk to the tub station!


Here a link to The Photographer’s Gallery