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Fab Four are Framed

Artwork Brian Southam

Fab Four are Framed

Well, bit been a very busy day! I finally got the Fab Four are Framed!


So how did I do this? Well, I cut every board to the size of my frame and worked out the mat size and cut them! That was easy so I may look into getting them cut by some else?


Now I was ready to pop the prints into the frames! But first I was going to stamp them! I did this two ways fist was to emboss the paper with an embossing stamp I have. This was in the white border in the corner!

The second stamp I use in a rubber stamp on the back of the print. Then in pencil, I put in the date of the work, edition number, set no, print name and last to sign it.

The Frames

So when I do the stamping it was time to start to put the prints into the frames.

First, though I had to attach the print to the mount board so dose moves in the mat window! I do this by attaching to tape to the back ok the print in 2 to 3 places strat up. Then I turn it over the print and place anther peace of tap to the backing bard to make a T with the tap to hold it in place!

The next stage was to put the window mat over that and the glassing and slide them l into the frame! The frames are aluminum so they screwed together very easily! When all the sized of the frame were all on I just to, turn the frame over and pop some spring clips under the frame to secure the mount boards altogether in the frame!

Almost ready

I am almost ready for the craft market now.


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