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DVD Nightmare

DVD pile
Slow getting cooked

Well, I am getting slow getting cooked in front of the PC as I am still backing up my DVD nightmare! It is very, very slow going!

DVD’ sare playing

Some of the DVDs are playing up so if any of you know why there shows nothing on the disk or some images are not copy over please get in touch!

I think it may be as I been backing up all my images to DVD’s the DVD player was worn out as this could happen I have heard!

Still, have over 461 DVDs to back up that 4 years worth of images! That keeps me very busy, as I was hoping to had done more than I don so far!

I should have thought about this

Hindsight is great Not! I should have thought about this a lot more on how I was going to back up my images! Even when I started having the problem with the DVD player! You some times just don not think! It also can come down to cost and the number of images you’re backing up in a month?

On a very busy month, I may back up well over fifteen DVDs! Now that can be doubled up as I would back up onto one brand then again to another brand!

Then the fun

Then the fun starts on where do you store them all!

I did get evening off

I did have an evening off last night and when out on a camera club shoot with some models on a farm! It was a lovely evening for it! Hopefully, get some photos from that on here soon! The upside of this is I am catching up on my reading!

The End

Backing Up