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Dropping Print Off

Framed wapped up

Dropping Print Off

Tomorrow I am going into London dropping print off to The London Photo Show. This is the first show I have done in London for a few years now! I looking forward to showing the print from my Vol 1 London the Butterfly.

Drive to location or tub it

The only problem is it framed and 44×32 inches so quite big! Not sure to drive to the location or tub it? I may have extra long arms if I go on the tub! LOL, I have to get to a tub station that I can park close too? The other end, the close tub station is Blackfriars so it just a walk over the bridge to the venue! I not sure about the drive as finding somewhere to park the van could be fun!

Not going.

Sadly I am not going to the preview night. I feel that with the Covid-19 it not going to be the same and it’s a two-hour round trip travelling I don’t think it worth it. The preview night only on for two hours too! I would love to go norma and make a night of it.

Fingers Crossed

I going to have all my fingers crossed the event is going to be a success with the current climate? I am excited about doing the event! My feeling is a must keep up with being proactive with my photography!

Pushing myself in this way get me more productive with my photo art! I have made a start by adding some new images this month. Learning not to go mad with the number of images to set I do!

The print wrapped up

The fist thing I have to do in the moring is to getting the print wrapped up. Update all wrapped and ready to go!

The London Photo Show