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Drinks Update

Drinks update

Drinks update

Drinks update, I had a great night at The Reading Photographers Social Group Christmas shindig night. The pub was very busy with photographers and models!

It has to be done

Some times on A Friday evening all you what to do is to put your feet up! But some times it has to be done and have a night out!

To get there for me is about a forty-five-minute car journey for me to get to Reading. It is not easy, as the journey too as I am going to be across the countryside on some twisty B-roads and the A roads are not much better! (it great fun  if they shut off one the road!)

That is not fun in the wet dark night too!

They’re a fun lot

They’re a fun lot and I spent most of the evening, talking to Dave who I meet that evening. It was a nice evening having a drink and a chat with him.

We chatted about all sorts of topics on photography!

Look out

Look out one of the models got hold of one the photographer camera! That young lady was having great fun taking lots of photos of us, not sure how if they would be in focus they were but she was having fun!

I sure there will be posted up on Facebook soon!


Join a social group if you can?

This can be anything from a Camera club or it can be a Facebook group.

An advantage of doing so is that you can learn and expand your photography knowledge from some of the groups out there.

As in this case, it is more networking events for the photographer to get to meet and chat and also network with the models for a shoot!

Some may have fees too.