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Craft Market

Craft market
Craft market

I going to be at the West Wycombe Craft Market this weekend!

Set of flowers

I have a new set of flower prints ready for the market! There will be discounted only on the new flower prints, come get a lovely Mothering Sunday present at a great price!

I don’t normally shoot

This is something I don’t normally shoot as still life is not something I shoot a great deal of! So first I have to come up with the idea of how I was going to do this? So my plan was simple to shoot the flowers against a White background!

So I go out and bus some flowers for the shoot! I pick the best-looking ones that look nice. The next problem was how to hold the flowers when shooting them? So I when out and got some flower wire and some flower oasis to hold them! So I all ready to shoot!

Small space

Sadly I don’t have a studio to shoot in so I have to use the dining-room, which is not very big to do a shoot in! So I have to be cleaver how I shoot in a small space! So I pull the table out a bit so I use that to put the White background paper over it, then I set up one light with A softbox on it for my lighting and then all I do is to set up the camera on a tripod. And then breathe in LOL not just take my time in setting up the flowers and do the shoot!

The new Prints I have done.

Flower prints


The flyer

West Wycombe Craft market

West Wycombe Craft Market
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