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Confirmed My Booking For Folio Friday

The photographer Gallery

Confirmed My Booking For Folio Friday.

I have email The Photographers Galley to confirmed my booking for folio Friday 21 Feb 2020 next week.  So if anyone is free next Friday afternoon and likes to see some photographs please drop in and have a look!

The address is

The nears tube station is Oxford Circus

There is a charge to get into the Photographer Gallery at £5.00 unless you are a member?


Feeling very lucky to get this opportunity to do this event is very popular and is fully booked up! So I am looking forward to doing this!

I ‘am looking forward to hearing what the speakers have to say talk about and hearing what they think about my work too? It should also be interesting to see what the other 11 photographers are showing to?

How May Prints

I told the Photographers Gallery I will be showing my work in An A4 portfolio book/folder, I love to show it much bigger but that the rules! It was suggested that you keep it simple when showing your photographs! So now I have to look at the portfolio again to see if I should reduce it or not from the 48 prints I have in it already?

They also said about having some other images of a different subject matter to show!  So next week I have to do some more prints for it!


So I will be taking a long some of my business cards and postcards to give to people, so if I am lucky and get a sale or possibly a commission for the event would be great!

Also, I am planning on burning some low res images onto CD of my latest project to give out to people how are interested in my photos.


The Photographers Gallery

Folio Friday