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Red Kites no 1 by Brian Southam

Red Kites

Red kites

I was going out for a walk yesterday afternoon! I thought it was not a bad day a bit windy but it was OK! I had planned no-shoot some more stock images of the Red Kites! OK, this is not the normal landscape photography, but this part of the landscape well sky in this case!Read More »Red Kites

Busy week Snowdrop studio

Busy Week

Busy week

Boy, it’s been a busy week so far!

Yesterday I got my badge for the Photography Show in Birmingham NEC that coming up soon! Looking forward to going to it! So I will be sorting out what talks and what I like to look at the show this year?

I do also need to sort out transport to Birmingham too? I think I may only go up for one day this year and not go to any of the talks I been doing over the last few years too! Going for something different!Read More »Busy Week

Walk on Sunday the dog

Sunday Walks

Sunday walks

I was filling inspired this morning! So when I was going out on a Sunday walks with the dog, I got my camera out with a big-ish lens and set off! The weather was not good it was dull and wet this morning but that did not put me off! This will never put the dog off from his walk! LOL, I was on a mission it good to be on a mission or have a plane for something to shoot!Read More »Sunday Walks