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Vol 1 London


Saatchi I have been hard at work uploading my images to Saatchi over the last few days. Form my new sat of images Vol 1 London. So far I have uploaded eight images to Sacctchi I still… Read More »Saatchi

Building in London

A Walk Around London

Extinction Rebellion group

The plan was to go to London and shoot the Extinction Rebellion group in London today with my mate Des! But instead, we did a walk around London.

Him well they were extinct! We walked down to Trafalgar Square, on lots of Police and one guy on a microphone, then to after a coffee we when down to Parliament Square, not much there, later the Bank! Read More »A Walk Around London

Grosvenor Road London UK

London at night

I added

I added some new night images of London at night!


I was upgrading my van soon and had some diesel fuel to burn so to speak, so I decided to do some run into London with my camera to do a bit of night photography! I do like doing this as more of a challenge! Read More »London at night

Portfolio Landscapes

New Landscapes Photos

New Landscapes Photos

The new landscapes photos are all taken close to my home. On one my walks in the woods I have titled it Woodlands, I come across the uprooted Ash trees and love the way the trees were crossed over! The Colour photo looked boring but I thought I convert it to Black and White to give it more of a mood!Read More »New Landscapes Photos