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Busy Week

Busy week
Busy week

I am having a very busy week! I have ordering bulldog clips and paper clips, for the new display panels so I can hang my prints onto the panels! Now, this sounds easy! Him Not!! I look out a bulldog clip I had to see if it would hold the print and fit into the square hole, it did work and fitted!  Great so I measured it up and look online for the same size, which I found one so I order them up!

Bulldog clips

When the bulldog clips come the next day I thought great! But when I got them out they were a lot small in size! I tried two out and just about get them onto the panels! So I may have to look for some bigger ones!

New business cards

I also order some new business cards from a company I use before! So I open up photoshop and design the cards. Then upload them to there website which was a bit tricky but got there!

The turnaround was great they came in in about two days!

New softbox

I also order a new softbox so when I am out shooting I am looking forward to using it hopefully soon! The only problem with this is you have to order a Rotalux speed ring for the softbox as Elinchrom does not make there owe any more! The new softbox does have a nut on it so you can rotate it to a different angle if required which is cool!

The fun bit is putting the softbox together the fun part as you have to get it into the speed ring! Spring steel is great fun! LOL

Below my new business cards.

New bussness cards

Blow my new softbox and speed ring.

New softbox

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