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Busy Week

Buzy week cuting foam board
Busy week

It has been a very busy week for me! It started last weekend, I was looking into what size print I should do for the upcoming Craft Market in West Wycombe, next weekend!

I was thinking

I was thinking about doing 30×40 inch prints, but they’re not cheap so I looked into it. That was Saturday writer off! LOL!

I look at online galleries and shops to see what size prints there were doing, then I look at what other photographers were doing!

I decided to go for

So have done this I decided to go for 20×30 prints! That one part don next how to show them??

 I was clipping my

I was clipping my big print between a card and PVC which is ok! But I note one of the photographer’s website his print unframed on the wall, which looked great! So I when onto You Tub on how to mount prints! So that was prints size sorted and mounting done too!

Paper finish

So that was now done I can spend time on what paper finish I was going for as I was looking at getting Giclee prints don! So fist I post a post on a website as other photographers if they used C-Type or Giclee?  I had three replays and all were using Giclee!

OK now, what paper finish to go for as there lots of Giclee art papers out there and what would look good with my OTT style images? One the photographer told me about a lab she was using, so I contacted him and he kindly sent me some samples to look at and also I ordered Two prints from the Print Space too! Now that was fun! Trying to find what I like and to try to match a paper finish I already had used before, I finally found one that looks good! So that was that all sorted out I just need to do some more images for the Craft Market as I had Four images in mind and need two more to do! Well, that was the rest of the week taken up sorting the two images out! Finally got the six images to the printers!

Just cutting

So today was a bit lighter and just cutting up some foam board to size and some timber to length so all I have to do next week is mount up the photos! I also have to work out the best way to hight them too wire, hooks or plates??

The Print Space
DIY Framing