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Busy Week

Busy week Snowdrop studio
Busy week

Boy, it’s been a busy week so far!

Yesterday I got my badge for the Photography Show in Birmingham NEC that coming up soon! Looking forward to going to it! So I will be sorting out what talks and what I like to look at the show this year?

I do also need to sort out transport to Birmingham too? I think I may only go up for one day this year and not go to any of the talks I been doing over the last few years too! Going for something different!

Bit different

Something a bit different today I have been shooting the very beautiful Sarah75 I think I may have blink as the shoot when that fast today! We had a four-hour shoot and it just flew by! It has been a very creative day!

Small photographic studio

Sarah running a small photographic studio at her home! Sarah75 an awesome model great with posing!Smile It was so much fun! Also great with Tea and lovely biscuits! It was a really fun shot!

The studio is very well equipped with lost of lighting and softboxes as well every other lighting attachment too! It has been set up with A White background but others are there if required?

If you are looking for just a room setting Sarah will let you use any room in the house witch there are three floors! So there lost you can do at this studio!

Editing the photos

Now the fun bit of the editing of the photos! The first thing I have to do is sort out some of the older photos on my hard drive as full up! When that is done I can download the photos and start to go through them all to pick out the best ones!



The photography show



The snowdrop studio


The photography show