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Booked UP

West Wycombe Craft market
Booked up

I have booked up my first Craft Market for 2019! It on the 24th March 2019, In West Wycombe village, the weekend before Morthinging Sunday!

Thinking cap

Now I got to get my thinking cap on to come up with some new ideas for the photo, (or photos) for this event! The idea is the more photos I have on display the more possibility I may have to make a sale!

Now that when the fun starts as I need to try to keep my style of photography the same!

You may think you may not have a style to your photography this is maybe because your shooting lost of different subjects like wedding, landscapes, fine art and say street photography!


Try to keep your differnt style of photographer separate, so dose confuses your clients! So if you are doing wedding photography, have a wedding and portrait website for it and have your fine art and street on anther website! A photographer may put all on the same website and that when it could confuse your potential clients?

I remember being at a talk at the Photography show and this editor of a motorbike magazine was telling us about tow photographers trying to get there work into his magazine!  So photographer A sent him a link to his website doing wedding and motorbike and was not very impressed at all, then photographer B sent him a link to a very unusual motorbike that he not seen before and got his work in!

West Wycombe Craft Market
Busy week
New Display Stands
New Work